C & B International, our relationships


Since our inception we have maintained very successful business relationships with entities such as the Walt Disney Company as well as many fine restaurants, hotels, clubs, cruise lines and wine shops throughout Florida and we also provide sub-distribution in many other states of the country.

In the grocery market business, either via direct store delivery or warehouse delivery, C&B serves as a vendor to major supermarket chains such as: Publix Supermarkets, SABOR, SEDANOS, Winn Dixie Stores, WalMart Super Centers, Walgreens, Albertsons, IGA Rowes, Save-A-Lot, Save Rite and BJ’s. We also maintain extensive distribution relationships with independent grocery stores and specialty/delicatessens in all covered areas of Florida.

At C&B International we are dedicated to providing the best service, best products, and the best prices to all of our customers both large and small. We have a responsibility to our customers to service the products we represent and that responsibility does not end until the product satisfies our customer’s customer.